Adult Services

Current statistics show that 1 in 5 adults experience a mental illness in any given year, yet less than half of them get the support that they need. We understand that asking for help can be difficult. We're here to let you know that you're not alone.

If you are an adult who has Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, uninsured or underinsured (meaning no mental health coverage) and you are experiencing symptoms of a serious mental illness, intellectual or developmental disability, or a substance use disorder, you may be eligible for behavioral health treatment through LifeWays. There are many treatment options available through the LifeWays Provider Network. You will have the ability to help decide your own treatment and goals with a Person Centered Plan designed by you and your treatment team.

If you are struggling to decide whether you should seek treatment, you can take our confidential online screening, which may help you determine whether what you're experiencing might be mental illness.

Who Does LifeWays Serve?

We Help Everyone!
If you are unsure of where to go for your mental health, LifeWays is your place to start!

Crisis Services
Regardless of your insurance, if you are in crisis, are having suicidal thoughts, or are thinking of harming yourself or others, please call our 24-Hour Access Crisis Line at 800.284.8288. You can also walk into LifeWays Crisis R&R or request the Mobile Crisis Team, Monday through Friday 10 am to 7 pm. 

Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan
If you have Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan, please call us at 517.789.1200 or walk in during regular business hours to discuss your symptoms and situation.

Uninsured or Under-Insured (aka No Mental Health Coverage)
If you do not have insurance or do not have mental health coverage, please call us or walk in during regular business hours to discuss your symptoms and situation. We may even be able to help you apply for Medicaid or Healthy Michigan. With the Jackson and Hillsdale County Mental Health Millage, we are now able to help more of our uninsured consumers than ever before.

Private Insurance
If you have private insurance, you can either call the number listed on the back of your insurance card or you can call Central Michigan 2-1-1 who will help you find a behavioral health provider in your network.

Regardless of your insurance, if you are in crisis, please call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at 1.888.284.8288 or visit our office during business hours.


Confidential Online Self-Assessment

Unsure whether you should seek help for yourself or a family member? Take our confidential online self-assessment. A few simple questions will help identify common symptoms for depression, anxiety, adolescent depression, bipolar, post-traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, alcohol or substance use disorders.


For Personal Use Only.  This is not a diagnosis. After your self-assessment, please call the LifeWays 24-Hour Access Crisis Line at 1.800.284.8288 to be screened for community mental health services or come in during business hours if you prefer a face-to-face screening.

Take a brief self-assessment