LifeWays has a Provider Network of over 40 behavioral health providers that helps meet the needs of the people that we serve. This Provider Portal is designed as a hub for important information and documents for our providers.

Click here for a full list of our providers. (Updated 4/10/2020)

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LifeWays COVID Reporting

Pandemic Orders Impact

As you are all aware, MDHHS issued new Pandemic Orders on Sunday, November 15, 2020.  While we encourage you each to read and implement these orders, LifeWays is highlighting the following:

  • Healthcare facilities are not impacted and can continue to provide face to face services, utilizing current guidance regarding infection control.
  • When needs of the individual can be adequately address with telehealth, that remains an appropriate option
  • When needs of the individual require face to face services, providers must remember that Behavioral Health services are essential and must still be provided according to the IPOS.
  • In most cases, services cannot be reduced, suspended or terminated due solely to COVID. 
  • LifeWays encourages providers to use video for Telehealth Services rather than audio only whenever possible.
  • Everyone is welcome to report any situation where they have any of the above concerns using the form on the Provider page of the LifeWays website.
Daily Reporting for CLS Providers and Positive Reporting for All Others

Effective immediately, all CLS providers are required to complete a daily COVID report to LifeWays using the link below.  The report must be completed for each program or group home by Close of Business each day, including weekends. All other providers can use the link below to report whenever a staff or consumer is suspected, exposed, tested or confirmed with COVID but are not required to complete a daily report at this time. 

LifeWays COVID Report Form

Contracts and Provider Network Assistance

Please use the link below for requests from LifeWays Contracts and Provider Network Department.  The use of this help desk will provide you with better status updates as your request is processed and will help ensure that your concerns are not missed. Requests can include the following:

  • Fee Schedule/Billing problems
  • Contract questions/changes
  • Policy/Procedure question
  • Intervention with other provider/LifeWays staff
  • Relias Account change
  • Staff Credentialing/CredentialMyDoc change
  • Secondary Claims Appeal
  • Grievance with LifeWays
  • Complaint about another Provider

LifeWays Provider Assistance Request

Provider Meetings - 2020

01/14/2020 - No meeting
02/11/2020 - Provider Meeting Minutes | Attachments
03/10/2020 - Provider Meeting Minutes | Attachments
04/14/2020 - No meeting
05/12/2020 - Provider Meeting Minutes | Attachments
06/09/2020 - Provider Meeting Minutes | Attachments
07/2020 - No meeting
08/2020 - No meeting
09/08/2020 - Provider Meeting Minutes


Provider Meetings - 2019

01/08/2019 - Provider Meeting
02/2019 - No meeting
03/12/2019 - Provider Meeting | Attachments
04/09/2019 - Provider Meeting | Attachments
05/13/2019 - Provider Meeting
06/11/2019 - Provider Meeting | Attachment
07/2019 - No meeting
08/13/2019 - Minutes | Agenda & Attachments
09/10/2019 - Minutes | Presentation
10/2019 - No meeting
11/12/2019 - Minutes | Attachments
12/10/2019 - Minutes | Attachments


Provider Meetings - 2018

1/09/18 - Minutes; Attachments; Kudos
2/12/18 - Minutes; Attachments; Kudos
3/13/18 - Minutes; Attachments
4/10/18 - Minutes, Attachments, Kudos
5/09/18 - Minutes, Attachments, Kudos
6/12/18 - Minutes, Attachments, Kudos
July 2018 - No Meeting
8/14/18 - Minutes
9/10/18 - Agenda & Minutes, Attachments
10/09/18 - Minutes | Provider Meeting Presentation
11/13/18 Agenda & Minutes, Attachments
12/2018 - No meeting

Provider Meetings - 2017

1/10/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
12/13/16 - Minutes;  Attachments
2/14/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
3/14/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
4/11/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
5/9/17 - Minutes;  Attachments; Provider Kudos
6/13/17 - MinutesAttachments; Provider Kudos
7/11/17 - Minutes; Attachments
8/7/17 - Minutes; Attachments
9/12/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
10/10/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
11/14/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
12/12/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos

Provider Meetings - 2016

12/13/16 - Minutes;  Attachments

Process Alerts

The LifeWays Process Alert is a monthly publication that includes procedural changes and announcements important to LifeWays’ Network Providers and their staff.

Special Process Alert

November 24, 2020

Notice of Commencement of 21-Day Comment Period for Revised Operating Procedure 10-04.01 Provider Orientation

Read More >

Special Process Alert

November 24, 2020

Notice of Commencement of 21-Day Comment Period for New Operating Procedure 10-01.10 Recovery Based Services

Read More >

Special Process Alert

November 24, 2020

Notice of Commencement of 21-Day Comment Period for Revised Operating Procedure 10-03.05 Provider Training Requirements

Read More >

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