-Facilities Management

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LifeWays shall provide a safe and clean environment for its consumers, staff and visitors. An organization-wide Facilities Safety Management Plan is developed, implemented and continuously monitored and evaluated to facilitate a hazard-free environment.

The LifeWays Safety Officer and the Space Utilization/Safety Management Committee are responsible for the implementation and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the Agency's "approved" Facilities Safety Management Plan.

Organizational providers under contract with LifeWays and credentialed to provide direct service shall maintain a Safety Management Plan consistent with LifeWays’ Standards and Best Practice Guidelines.  The Safety Management Plan shall include provisions for staff training in emergency procedures.

The Network Contracts Team shall evaluate provider compliance with these standards through routine audit procedures.

11-01 Facilities Management

11-01.01 Building Access, Safety and Security Management (7/2021)
11-01.06 Hazardous Materials Management (7/2021)
11-01.08 Tobacco-Free Campus (7/2021)
11-02.01 Inspection of LifeWays Buildings (11/2020)
11-02.03 Division of Responsibility in LifeWays Owned or Leased Facilities (11/2020)