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Valentine's Day Self-Care Routine

February 7, 2021

Whether you are single this Valentine's Day or just away from a loved one, here are some simple self-care plans for Valentine’s Day! Complete with a breakfast to start off your day, mindfulness reminders, and tips for relaxation. You will be feeling the (self) love at the end of this routine!


  • Do some simple stretches first thing when you wake up, any type of movement will benefit your mind and body!
  • Treat yourself to a special breakfast, make yourself a breakfast you normally don’t take the time to make! Swap your daily bowl of cereal for a smoothie. Or instead of that pop-tart for the 15th day in a row, try eggs and bacon!
  • Still have time before work or a long commute? Check out an app that is designed to help you relax. Here are some apps we love: Calm, Headspace, 10% Happier.

    Meditation apps not your thing? Listen to a new podcast! Learn something new by listening to Radiolab or have a moment of reflection by listening to Headspace Radio.


  • It’s Valentines Day! Treat yourself to a sweet treat, why not? Make yourself a nice warm and cozy cup of cocoa or have a piece of decadent dark chocolate!


  • Spend some time during your lunch doing something that will give your mind a moment of rest from the days stress. Adult coloring books, puzzle games, or crosswords can be fun and effective ways to de-stress!


  • After work, school, or whatever your day brought you this Valentines Day, take time to put away the phone and break out a journal. Writing can strengthen positive moments from the day into our memory and writing about negative events also helps us to process them in a positive way. When we write about a stressful event rather than stewing over it, we are forced to see the event differently and con process it more effectively.


  • For Valentine’s Day, slow down your dinner timeline. Challenge yourself to cook up a meal you’ve never attempted before. Pick a recipe in advance that gets you seriously excited!
  • Tips for Success: Get your groceries the day before, read the instructions all the way through before you start, prep your food as instructed before you begin to cook, and take your time, enjoy the moment!
  • Lastly, really take time to plate your food in a nice way, sit down at a cleared table, and savor your meal that you worked so hard to make! You earned it!


  • Today could be the start of something new! Try turning off social media half an hour before bed. This will not only help you to get better sleep, it will help you wind down and feel calmer. Turn your phone face down at night to avoid seeing the blue light it emits and put your phone on airplane mode so notifications won’t interrupt your bedtime phone free time.
  • Cozy up in a weighted or heated blanket! Try a new way to wind down, like doing a crossword or reading a book!


Happy self-care Valentine’s Day!


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