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Special Process Alert Behavior Treatment Planning Waitlist

October 20, 2020

There continues to be a waitlist in effect for Behavior Treatment Planning.  Referrals are managed based on wait time and severity.  Referrals are made to Integro and to out-of-network providers as needed via LifeWays Contracts and Provider Network Management.  If Behavioral Evaluation and Planning is determined to be necessary by the Person Centered Planning team, the Primary Case Holder should securely email with the case number and ensure that a chart note with the referral rationale is present in the chart.  Primary Case Holders with individuals currently still waiting can verify the status of the request via the same email and updates to the severity of the need can also be shared.  Referrals should not be sent to the provider nor should the LEO chart be opened to the provider until notification that the individual is up for referral from the waitlist.  This process will continue until the available behavioral staff capacity can manage the level of referrals.
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