Intellectual & Development Disabilities Services

We choose to see the ability in each of the people we serve - not the disability. That is why we aim to provide a unique set of services and supports to help each person we work with achieve the life he or she wants to live. Whether it's being more independent, getting involved in the community, or even learning to tie shoes, we are here to help make those goals a reality. A treatment team will help the person living with IDD and his or her chosen support system made up of family members, guardians, or friends, design a Person-Centered Plan which will guide the services and supports needed to reach those goals.

If you or your loved one receive Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan and are diagnosed with or experiencing symptoms of a severe intellectual or developmental disability, you may be eligible for behavioral health treatment through LifeWays. There are many supports and services available through the LifeWays Provider Network, including residential living, community supports, respite, and more. If you have a child who is currently in the school system, but will be aging out in the next few years, it's not too early to start seeking services. We can help support you through the transition of aging out of school and help connect you with the care your child needs into adulthood.

To help determine whether you or your loved one may be eligible for services through LifeWays, please call us at 517.789.1200. If you or your loved one has private insurance or is not eligible to receive services at LifeWays, you can either call the number listed on the back of your insurance card for information about care within your network or you can call Central Michigan 2-1-1 who may also be able to assist you in finding supports.