Knowledge is power. We believe that educating our communities about mental illness and behavioral health is one of the very best things we can do to increase awareness and decrease stigma. There is an unfortunate stigma surrounding mental illness that doesn't exist with physical illness. Much of that comes from fear of the unknown - like not knowing what symptoms of mental illness look like or how to connect a person experiencing symptoms to the correct care.

people in a lecture

At LifeWays, we offer more than 20 mental health talks to local organizations, businesses, and groups each year. We have skilled presenters who are able to speak on topics such as identifying symptoms of depression and anxiety, managing anger, noticing signs of depression and suicide, handling stress, substance abuse issues, and strategies for youth who are dealing with mental illness or suicidal thoughts. Community presentations can be tailored for your organization or group's needs and can be done for any age group. If you are interested in arranging a mental health talk for your group or organization, please call our Prevention & Wellness Coordinator at 517.796.4533 for more information.